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We work in a wide variety of settings, getting businesses and sites powered up.

Every week we are on dozens of new jobs, below is a small set of examples.

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Generator Distribution
Generator Drop Off

Secret Filming- North of London, South of Edinburgh!

This event distribution board was snapped at a top secret location. The 125A 415 Volt cable ran along the forest road, far enough away to ensure that the generator could not be heard. We supplied the large cabling and ran it in, then extension leads and a wide variety of event boxes to get power to accommodation, lighting rigs, toilets and more.

Generator Drop Off

Music Event - Liverpool Football Club

Anfield Road hosted Pink, Take That and other headline acts. We installed the generators, provided distribution boards and plug in MD boards for the full event set up, as well as provided back up support through out the event, should their needs change.

In house cabling

Recycling Plant additional power

A bespoke fit out providing additional power to the plant allowing the machinery to be untilised above and beyond the national grid capability.

Distribution Board Use

Wind farm installation

Our all weather kit was installed as a wind farm was built, providing the power that was needed for construction.

Electrical Panel

Specialised Board Manufacturing

From Automatic Mains Failure Panels to bespoke panels, the team have the experience and kit to hand to build panels to any requirements.

Motorway Electrical Panel

Motorway Maintenance

Working through the night to set the maintenance team up with temporary power, we currently have an ongoing job on the M56. In addition we have supplied the power to the average speed check camera systems that are in place to keep the work force safe.

40 years on site experience