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H07 Cables

H07 Cables

H07 Cables are heavy duty and flexible for power supply on site, in commercial properties, for events and other environments where the cable requires additional strength. These cables can withstand both mechanical and thermal stress.

H07 Cable Available

We stock a wide variety of H07 cables ready for dispatch. From 35mm to 240mm as standard we hold 25m lengths and in addition we have up to 50m lengths.

Cables are dispatched to connect to powerlocks or lugs and we can set them up to any specific requirements.

Generator Power Distribution

Example Cable Uses

Generator Connection - used to transport power to distribution boards H07 cables are ideal.

In house cabling - used to power machinery H07 cables can be fitted and kept out of the way ensuring Health and Safety standards are adhered to.

Mains Failure systems - H07 cables are used to connect Mains Failure Panels to standby generators, ready to carry load should the system be triggered by an interruption in main power supply.

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